International Journal of Information Technology Applications (ITA)


The primary aim of the International Journal of Information Technology Applications (ITA) is to publish high-quality papers of new development and trends, novel techniques, approaches and innovative methodologies of information technology applications in the broad areas. The International Journal of ITA is published twice a year. Each paper is refereed by two international reviewers. Accepted papers will be available online with no publication fee for authors. The journal is listed in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The International Journal of ITA is being prepared for the bibliographic scientific database Scopus.


Medzinárodný vedecký časopis Information Technology Applications / Aplikácie informačných technológií vydáva Fakulta informatiky Paneurópskej vysokej školy v Bratislave v spolupráci s občianskym združením Vzdelávanie-Veda-Výskum v Bratislave. Cieľom časopisu je publikovať kvalitné príspevky o vývoji a trendoch, nových postupoch, pohľadoch a inovatívnych metodikách aplikovania informačných technológií v širokej oblasti. Časopis je vydávaný dvakrát ročne. Každý príspevok je recenzovaný dvoma medzinárodnými recenzentmi. Prijaté príspevky sú k dispozícii online bez poplatku od autorov. Časopis je zaradený do databázy Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Časopis pripravujeme pre zaradenie do vedeckej databázy Scopus. Jazyk časopisu je anglický a ruský s rozšírenými abstraktmi v angličtine. Časopis je publikovaný online a tiež v tlačenej verzii.


Electronic online version of journal


ISSN: 2453-7497 (online)

ISSN: 1338-6468 (print version)



prof. RNDr. Frank Schindler, PhD. Faculty of Informatics, Pan-European University in Bratislava


Executive Editor

Ing. Juraj Štefanovič, PhD., Faculty of Informatics, Pan-European University in Bratislava



Ladislav Andrášik, Slovakia

Mikhail A. Basarab, Russia

Ivan Brezina, Slovakia

Yakhua G. Buchaev, Russia

Oleg Choporov, Russia

Silvester Czanner, United Kingdom

Andrej Ferko, Slovakia

Vladimír S. Galayev, Russia

Ladislav Hudec, Slovakia

Jozef Kelemen, Czech Republic

Sergey Kirsanov, Russia

Vladimir I. Kolesnikov, Russia

Štefan Kozák, Slovakia

Vladimír Krajčík, Czech Republic

Ján Lacko, Slovakia

Igor Lvovich, Russia

Eva Mihaliková, Slovakia

Branislav Mišota, Slovakia

Martin Potančok, Czech Republic

Eugen Ružický, Slovakia

Václav Řepa, Czech Republic

Jiří Voříšek, Czech Republic



The International Journal of Information Technology Applications is welcoming contributions related with the journal´s scope. Scientific articles in the range approximately 10 standard pages are reviewed by two international reviewers. Reports up to 5 standard pages and information notices in range approximately 1 standard page are accepted after the decision of editorial board. Contributions should be submitted via e-mail to the editorial office. Contributions should be typewritten in English or Russian language with extended abstract in English. Text design should preserve the layout of the Word or LaTex template file, which may be downloaded from the webpage of journal. Contributions submitted to this journal are under the author´s copyright responsibility and they are supposed not being published in the past.


Deadlines of two standard issues per year

paper submission deadline – end of May/end of October

review deadline – continuous process

camera ready deadline – end of June/end of November

release date – July/December


Editorial office address

Faculty of Informatics, Pan-European University, Tematínska 10, 851 05 Bratislava, Slovakia


Published by

Pan-European University, Slovakia,

Civil Association EDUCATION-SCIENCE-RESEARCH, Slovakia,



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